Ancient Civ Recap: Tuesday, Dec. 12

RECAP: What we did: Today, we began learning about Hammurabi's code, and we discussed why written laws matter. Classwork: We watched a video on Hammurabi's Code (see video below), then completed a Hammurabi's Code Worksheet. Homework: Finish Hammurabi's Code Worksheet, if you didn't finish in class. If you missed class: Watch the video below, then see Mr. Kaltwasser when … Continue reading Ancient Civ Recap: Tuesday, Dec. 12

Ancient Civ: Monday, December 11

RECAP: What we did: Today, we traded coded haikus with each other and attempted to solve them. Classwork: We finished our Haiku Coding Assignments and then completed a Haiku Coding Reflection (see link below). Homework: None. If you missed class: Finish your Haiku Coding Assignment if you aren't already done. If you are done, simply see Mr. Kaltwasser when you … Continue reading Ancient Civ: Monday, December 11