Ancient Civilizations Classwork – Friday, Jan. 12

Today in class, you have three tasks: Complete the Bellwork, which is a recap of what we've seen in the Stephanie Dalley videos. Finish watching the Stephanie Dalley videos. Please watch individually with headphones if projection is unavailable. Write up a response to the video series and the questions it raises about the Hanging Gardens. … Continue reading Ancient Civilizations Classwork – Friday, Jan. 12

Geography Recap: Wednesday, Jan. 10

RECAP: What we learned: Today, we learned more about Asia, focusing on Korea, Japan, and Taiwan. Classwork: We continued our Chapter 14 Notes, and worked on our "Lesson 1 Physical Geography of East Asia Worksheets," along with our ChatterPix projects. Homework: “Lesson 1: Physical Geography of East Asia” worksheet is due Thursday. If you missed class: Please fill out … Continue reading Geography Recap: Wednesday, Jan. 10