Global Studies Final

Below are links to the five sections of your final. You must complete each section during the allotted final exam time. The first four parts are multiple choice. The fifth part is short-answer. Your answers in Part V should be at least one paragraph long. Please note the following: You will need to log in […]

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April 4: Camden Commune

On Monday, we looked at the Paris Commune, an ill-fated attempt to force social change in post-war France in 1871. Today, we’ll look at how the event relates to the modern day. Are there positive or negative examples that modern-day reformers can take from the commune? We’ll examine these questions and also imagine what issues might […]

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April 3: Occupy Paris

On Monday, we’ll take some time to go in depth on the topic of the Paris Commune. The commune was a short-lived attempt by radical socialists to set up a separate society in Paris after France’s humiliating loss in the Franco-Prussian War. Like the war itself, the commune ended in bloody failure. So why does […]

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March 28: Reading Closely

On Tuesday, we’re going to spend some more time with the Dreyfus Affair. On Monday, we got a good understanding of what happened and why it happened. Now, we’ll use that knowledge to closely and carefully read a 1906 newspaper article about the incident. We’ll discuss what kinds of strategies and annotations we can use […]

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March 27: L’Affaire Dreyfus

On Monday, we’ll spend our class looking at the Dreyfus Affair in much more detail. We already know it was an incident where a French army officer was wrongly accused of being a spy for Germany. He was the army’s highest ranking Jew at a time of rising anti-Semitism in Europe. Now, we’ll go a […]

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