About Mr. Kaltwasser

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Photo by Jenny Brooks

Jared Kaltwasser is excited to begin his fourth year teaching at Harrisburg South Middle School! This year, he’ll teach 8th Grade US History and English Language Arts, and 7th Grade Advanced Social Studies.

Mr. Kaltwasser became a teacher because he believes in the power of education to transform individuals and through them, to transform society. His goal is to help his students fall in love with learning, and to equip his students with the tools they’ll need to change the world.

Prior to coming to Harrisburg, Mr. Kaltwasser was a teacher in Camden, New Jersey. Before that, he was a journalist for 11 years. As a reporter and editor, he covered the New Jersey state government for a business journal, wrote about the Kiowa Tribe for a newspaper in Oklahoma, and covered countless city council, school board, and planning board meetings as a local reporter at two New Jersey newspapers. In between all that, he also lived for a year in Tübingen, Germany, learning the German language and working as a freelance writer while his wife studied on a Fulbright grant.

As a journalist, Mr. Kaltwasser’s job was to ask questions and seek answers. He encourages his students to take the same approach to learning. He aims to foster creativity and inquiry with a mix of tried-and-true teaching strategies as well as brand new technology and innovative pedagogy.

Mr. Kaltwasser holds a bachelors degree in political science from the University of Tulsa and a Master’s of Education from the University of Sioux Falls. He is married to Cambria, and is the proud father of two: a son and a daughter.

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