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This Week in ELA: April 14

This week, we’ll return to our Holocaust Book Literature Circles, and also keep working on our Night mastery projects.

Here are the specifics:

Assignment 1:

Learning Target is: I can read and understand an independent reading novel.
Assignment Steps:
  1. Read the fourth section of your group’s Lit Circle book.
  2. Log into FlipGrid and select your group from a dropdown menu in the upper right-hand corner of the screen. (This step is new; last time we did this there was no dropdown menu.) Links to the FlipGrid rooms are available in the ELA assignment page (linked in the 8th Homework page) and in Empower.
  3. Read through the instructions, and then record a video in which you:
    • State your name, your book’s name, and hte pages you read
    • A summary of what happened in the section
    • Your question,
    • Your answer to your own question
    • Your selected passage
    • Your vocabulary word and definition
    • Any final thoughts
  4. Respond to at least two classmates (you should have a total of at least three videos). 

Please note that your group mates depend on you getting your first video done, because they cannot film their responses until you complete your first video. Please try to complete your first video by Friday at noon in order to give your groupmates time to respond.

Assignment 2:

Learning Target is: I can write a meaningul and effective body paragraph for an informational essay.
Assignment Steps:
  1. Navigate to EdPuzzle and watch Ms. Farrell’s video on writing body paragraphs.
  2. Go to Empower and complete the highlighting activity.
  3. Write your first body paragraph in your Google Doc.
  4. Submit your Google Doc in Empower.

Note that the assignment calls for you to submit this assignment in Empower. You shoudl store it in your shared folder, but you MUST also submit it in Empower.

Both assignments are due Sunday, April 19 at 8 p.m.


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