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This Week in US History: April 6

This week, we’re going to start working our way up to the Civil War. To do so, we’re going to learn about the Underground Railroad.

Please note that we have only one assignment this week due to the fact that there’s no school on Friday.

As you’ll learn, the “railroad” wasn’t a railroad at all; it was a network of safe houses by which slaves in the south could escape to freedom. 

The way the Underground Railroad worked is that escaped slaves would travel from one safe house to the next. At each safe house, they knew they could find a safe place to sleep and have a meal before heading to the next stop. It was extremely dangerous, both for the escaped slaves, and for the people helping them.


Learning Target: I can explain what the Underground Railroad is.
  1. Go to Google Classroom of click on this link to find the article “Underground Railroad” in CommonLit.
  2. Read the text, “The Underground Railroad.” It will ask you questions as you go.
  3. Answer the Assessment and Discussion questions.
  4. Mark the assignment complete by submitting it in Google Classroom.

Due to the holiday, your assignment is due Monday, April 13 at 8 p.m.

Since we don’t have school, I won’t have my Friday office hours this week. However, if you need help, feel free to email me or Mr. Vande Lune to set up a time for help.

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