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This Week in ELA: April 6

This week is a short week at HSMS. Due to the holiday, we won’t have e-learning on Friday. As a result, you will only have one ELA assignment this week.

Another change is that I will be taking over ELA Office Hours. Until further notice, ELA Office Hours will be:

  • Tuesdays from 11 a.m. to Noon
  • Wednesdays from 11 a.m. to Noon

You can find the link to my Zoom room in Empower by going to 8 PL ELA 19-20 >> E-Learning >> Mr. K’s Zoom Link. 

Now, on to our assignment!

This week, we’ll be continuing work on your Night mastery projects. We’re going to be writing the introductions to our informative papers.


Learning Target is: I can write an organized, effective introduction to my informative paper.

Assignment Steps:

  1. Watch the EdPuzzle titled “Introduction” in Ms. Farrell’s EdPuzzle classroom.
  2. Read through the “Attention-Getters” and choose the one you think will work best for your informative paper.
  3. Write your introduction in a Google Doc.
  4. Submit the Google Doc in Empower.

Due to the holiday, this assignment is due on Monday, April 13, at 8 p.m.

Also, don’t forget to continue with your Holocaust Literature Circle reading. Be sure you’ve read through the fourth section by next week so you can participate in our fourth round of disucssion.

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