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This Week in US History: March 30

In US History this week, we’ll have two assignments. The first will be related to our Current Events standards, and will help us learn about the ways in which different news organizations report differently about the same events or issues. The second assignment is a review of our learning about Manifest Destiny and westward expansion.

As always, both of these assignments can be found on Google Classroom. Here are the details:

Assignment 1:

1. Go to
2. Watch that day’s episode of CNN10 (it doesn’t matter which day).
3. Choose ONE story from the day and summarize it on this form linked below.
4. Find TWO other news articles that deal with the same story.
5. Insert your links to each into this form.
6. Submit the form, and make sure the assignment is marked as done in Google Classroom.

Assignment 2:

1. Go to EdPuzzle and watch the video on Manifest Destiny. As you go, answer the questions. You MUST score at least 6/8. Please email me if you need your score reset.
2. Write down at least TWO facts from the video.
3. Click on the FlipGrid link in the Google Classroom version of this assignment. Imagine you were someone living in Virginia in the 1840s, and your neighbor decided to move west. Decide whether or not you would move west.
4. Record a video explaining why you would or would not move west. Include at least THREE reasons for your decision and TWO facts from the video.
5. Submit your video.
6. Come back to Google Classroom and mark your assignment complete.

Both assignments are due Sunday, April 5 at 8 p.m. If you have trouble or need to ask questions, you can email me, set up a one-on-one Zoom session, or attend my US History Office Hours on Fridays at 11 a.m. You can find the link to my Office Hours on Google Classroom.

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