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This Week in Geography: March 30

This week in Geography, we’re going to be learning about different types of governments. Many of the things you’ll learn this week will be concepts we’ve mentioned before. This week’s goal is really to get the Big Picture view of how all of the different types of governments work compare and contrast with each other.

Your assignments this week (as every week) will be in Google Classroom. You’ll start out by reading through the slide deck or watching a video in which I present the slides. After you do that, these are your tasks:

Assignment 1:

Choose ONE of the following two options:

1. Choose a country from the list on Slide 12.
2. Conduct internet research to answer the questions on Slide 11 for your chosen country. For instance, if you choose North Korea, answer the four questions on Slide 11 about North Korea.
3. Place your answers into a web map. You can do this on paper, a Google Doc, a Slide, Pic Collage, or another app. **See example on Slide 13.**
4. Upload your web map here and submit.

1. Choose FOUR forms of government from the slides: absolute monarchy, constitutional monarchy, theocracy, oligarchy, dictatorship, direct democracy or indirect democracy.
2. For each type of government you choose, find one real country that you think is an example of that type of government. For instance, you could choose indirect democracy, and then you could say the USA is an example of indirect democracy.
3. Explain the reasons for each of your four choices. For instance, explain why you think the USA is a good example of an indirect democracy. You can do this on paper, a Google Doc, a Slide, Pic Collage, or another app. **See example on Slide 15**
4. Upload your responses here and hit submit.

Assignment 2:

The second assignment for the week is a follow-up to our first assignment. Your task is to read explanations of particular countries, and then decide which type of government that country has. You’ll want to use your slides in order to answer the questions. After you’ve done that:
1. Go to and join our class if you have not already done so (4th period code is: NETVBN; 5th period code is: PBKABB)
2. Complete the assignment called “Identify Government Examples.”
3. Mark the assignment complete here in Google Classroom.

As with all of your assignments, this assignment is due on Sunday, April 5 at 8 p.m. 

If you need help, send me an email, come to my Office Hours (Thursday at 10 a.m.), or ask for a one-on-one Zoom session.

Good luck, and have a great week!

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