US History

US History Week of 9.17.18: The Age of Exploration

Now that we’ve looked at how the first people got to America, we’re going to zero in on one specific time frame, an era where people in Europe and beyond began to travel far and wide and see what else there was to find — and sell — on the planet.

Here’s what our schedule looks like:

Screen Shot 2018-09-16 at 9.35.13 PM.png

The following assignments are scheduled to be due or assigned this week. Check this page regularly for updates.

  1. Chapter 2 Lesson 1 Review Questions. Assigned on Friday, don’t forget that your review questions for Chapter 2 Lesson 1 are due on Monday.
    • Submit: In Google Classroom, on paper, or on McGraw Hill website.
    • Due: Monday, Sept. 17
  2. Chapter 2 Lesson 1 Quiz. In class on Monday, we’ll take a quiz over Chapter 2 Lesson 1.
    • Submit: In class, on paper.
    • Due: Monday, Sept. 17
  3. Chapter 2 Lesson 2 Review Questions. Read Chapter 2 Lesson 2 in the textbook (either online or on paper) and complete the review questions at the end.
    • Submit: In Google Classroom, on paper, or on McGraw Hill website.
    • Due: Wednesday, Sept. 19
  4. Chapter 2 Lesson 2 Quiz. On Thursday, we’ll take a quiz on Chapter 2 Lesson 2.
    • Submit: In class, on paper.
    • Due: Thursday, Sept. 20
  5. Search for New Trade Routes. On Wednesday, we’ll get an assignment looking at new trade routes developed during the Age of Exploration.
    • Submit: On paper.
    • Due: Friday, Sept. 21
  6. Current Event 2. On Tuesday, we’ll talk through the second Current Events assignment of the year. It will be similar to the first one we did.
    • Submit: Google Classroom
    • Due: Friday, Sept. 21
  7. Mapmaking Activity. On Friday, we’ll start a mapmaking activity based on trade routes.
    • Submit: On paper (posters).
    • Due: Tuesday, Sept. 25

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