ELA Week of 9.17.18: Putting Together a Story

This week, we’ll take an in-depth look at what makes a good story. We’ll start with point of view and then think about plot. Along the way, we’ll also wrap up our first Gravana lesson and spend some time drilling the vocabulary from Unit 1.

Here’s what our schedule will look like:

Screen Shot 2018-09-16 at 9.17.41 PM.png

The following assignments are scheduled to be due or assigned this week. Check this page regularly for updates.

  1. Gravana 3-1: Clauses and Combining Clauses. On Tuesday, you’ll take the quiz for Gravana 3-1 and receive instruction on how to complete part of the Grammar House Cup map in Quill. We’ve extended the deadline to complete all of 3-1 until Friday.
    • Submit: On paper.
    • Due: Friday, Sept. 21, in class.
  2. Fairy Tale Assignment. On Monday, we’ll talk about Point of View and you’ll be asked to re-write a Fairy Tale.
    • Submit: Google Classroom
    • Due: Wednesday, Sept. 19
  3. The Odyssey Questions. We’ll read a section of The Odyssey on Wednesday. You’ll be responsible for answering the questions at the end of the story.
    • Submit: In Springboard Book.
    • Due: Thursday, Sept. 20
  4. Elements of Plot Activity. On Thursday, we’ll review the various elements of plot and you will have an assignment to complete.
    • Submit: Google Classroom
    • Due: Friday, Sept. 21

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