US History

US History Week of 9.10.18: America Before Colonization

This week, we’ll demonstrate our knowledge of the earliest centuries of American history. After our quiz, we’ll spend some time thinking deeply about the contributions of Native Americans, and exploring what life was like in America prior to European colonization.

Screen Shot 2018-09-08 at 8.18.46 PM.png

The following assignments are scheduled to be due or assigned this week. Check this page regularly for updates.

  1. Chapter 1 Quiz. On Tuesday, we’ll take our Chapter 1 Quiz. The first part will be multiple choice. The second half will be short answer. Please use your Chapter 1 Notes to study for this quiz!
    • Submit: In class, on paper.
    • Due: Sept. 11
  2. Native American Discovery Artifacts. After our quiz, we’ll spend some time learning about important inventions and symbols of Native American culture. We’ll then work in groups to create a model of a Native American artifact. We’ll present those artifacts on Friday.
    • Submit: In class (presentations).
    • Due: Sept. 14
  3. Chapter 2 Lesson 1 Review Questions. Read the packet or at McGraw-Hill Website. Then answer the end-of-lesson review questions.
    • Submit: On paper, at McGraw-Hill, or in Google Document.
    • Due: Sept. 17
  4. Chapter 2 Lesson 1 Quiz. 
    • Submit: On paper, in class.
    • Due: Sept. 17

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