ELA Week of 9.3.18: The Hero’s Journey

This week, we’ll start to unpack what it is that makes a good hero story. We’ll think about the ways in which “Hero’s Journey” stories tend to follow the same pattern. Then, we’ll use our knowledge to find as many examples as we can of this same pattern (Hint: It’s repeated over and over again in popular culture). 

Here’s a look at our blocks for the week. Keep in mind that we’ll have shorter class periods on Wednesday and Thursday due to NWEA testing.

Screen Shot 2018-09-02 at 10.05.59 PM

The following assignments are scheduled to be due or assigned this week. Check this page regularly for updates.

  1. Hero’s Journey Archetype Assignment. For this assignment, you’ll be asked to find a story that fits the Hero’s Journey archetype, and explain how the key parts of the story fit the archetype.
    • Submit: Google Classroom
    • Due: Sept. 7
  2. Hero’s Journey Graphic Organizer. On Thursday and Friday, we’ll watch a film and analyze the film to see if we can identify all of the key elements of the Hero’s Journey. As you watch the film, you’ll be asked to fill out a graphic organizer. The graphic organizer is due when we finish the film on Friday.
    • Submit: Google Classroom
    • Due: Sept. 7
  3. Gravana 3-1: Clauses and Combining Clauses. On Tuesday, you’ll be introduced to our first Gravana lesson for the year, on Clauses and Combining Clauses. You’ll have two weeks to finish the lesson, including passing the quiz.
    • Submit: In Gravana; mark “complete” in Google Classroom
    • Due: Sept. 18

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