US History

US History Week 1: Who was first?

The goal this week was to go over some of the key procedures for class, and then begin thinking about all of the different people and groups who have claimed over the years to have discovered America. We talked about why such a thing could ever be in dispute, and about how historians are limited in how much they are able to know for sure about the past.

The following assignments were assigned this week. All are available on Google Classrooom.

  1. Discovery Poster. For this assignment, you were to choose one person or group who claims to have discovered America, answer a series of questions, and then display your answers on a poster or Google Slides presentation.
    • Submit: Poster paper or Google Classroom
    • Due: Aug. 31
  2. Current Event 1. For your first Current Event assignment of the year, your task was to find a current news story (or use the one provided in Google Classroom), and then find a news article and a news video about the event. You were then to fill out a slide deck and summarize the news story and why it matters.
    • Submit: Google Classroom
    • Due: Sept. 4
  3. Chapter 1 Notes. For each chapter this year, you’ll be given readings to do, and a set of notes to fill out as you do the reading. The readings for Chapter 1 are available in Google Classroom, or in hard copy. The notes themselves are linked in Google Classroom in the form of a fill-in-the-blank Google Slide presentation.
    • Submit: Google Classroom
    • Due: Sept. 6

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