Geography Recap: Week of May 7


  • What we learned: This week, we’ve been looking at how geography changes, through the lens of changing borders in Europe, and through the lens of altered habitats at the zoo
  • Classwork: At the start of the week, we looked at changes in Europe’s borders associated with World Wars. We then made maps of Europe from different points in time before and after the war. After our zoo trip on Wednesday, we talked about differences between natural and artificial habitats, and completed a Zoo Habitat Comparison assignment (available in Google Classroom).
  • Homework: European Maps are due Friday; Zoo Habitat Comparisons are due on Monday, May 14, in Google Classroom. If that work was completed in class, there will be no homework.
  • If you missed class: Fill out the Absence Check-in Form. See Mr. Kaltwasser when you return, and be sure to get the vocabulary notes.


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