Geography Classwork: Friday, Jan. 12

Today in class, you have three tasks:

  1. Complete the Bellwork.
  2. Finish watching the video about the Japanese island of Aogashima.
  3. Take the quiz for your section of the book that you were assigned as part of the ChatterPix project.

Please complete all of the above. Scroll down for details. A few of you may finish early, in which case, make sure you have turned in the East Asia: Physical Geography reading worksheet that was due on Thursday. After that, you may work on any other work you have, but please work quietly at your desk.

Step 1: Bellwork

Copy the following definitions into your Chapter 14 Summary Guide. These should all go in the vocabulary section at the front of the notes.

  • COMMUNISM: a system in which the government controls all economic goods and services.
  • DYNASTY: a line of rulers from a single family.
  • SAMURAI: Japanese warriors who owned land and supported the shogun.
  • SHOGUN: the top military leader in Japan.
  • SPHERE OF INFLUENCE: an area of a country where a single foreign power has been granted exclusive trading rights.

Step 2: Video

Finish watching the video on Agaoshima. In both classes, we stopped at approximately the 8-minute mark. If projection is unavailable, watch the video individually using headphones.

Video Response: Complete this Google Form after watching the video.

Step 3: Work Time

Use the remaining class time to work on your ChatterPix projects. Remember that you must take the quiz for the textbook lesson you were assigned by the end of today. Quizzes must be taken in class, on paper.

Please do your work in this order.

  1. Read your textbook lesson (Section 1, 2, or 3) if you haven’t already. If you have forgotten which section you were assigned, please as the substitute.
  2. Take the quiz for your textbook lesson. These are available on paper from the substitute.
  3. Complete any missing work, particularly the Lesson 1 Physical Geography reading and questions, which were due Thursday.
  4. Continue working on your ChatterPix project, following the steps in your project packet. If you have Steps 1 through 3 completed and you have homework due for other classes, you may work on that.

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