Geography: Wednesday, December 6


  • What we did: Today, was our final work day as we continued working on our Middle Eastern Country Maps.
  • Classwork: By this point, learners should have their QR codes completed, each code linking to a website or video pertaining to one fact about their Middle Eastern Country. Students spent class making a map of their country, and then putting the QR codes in place on the map based on the location of the fact. Map requirements are shown below, and in the Slide Deck.
  • Homework: If you haven’t already, create QR codes that link to websites or videos about 5 of your 9 facts. Put the QR codes into a Google Doc, and label them, so they’re easier to print. If you’ve got your map poster board at home, please work on your map.
  • If you missed class: Please continue working on your project at home as you are able.

Screen Shot 2017-12-05 at 12.41.12 PM.png


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