Global Studies

Global Studies Final

Below are links to the five sections of your final. You must complete each section during the allotted final exam time. The first four parts are multiple choice. The fifth part is short-answer. Your answers in Part V should be at least one paragraph long.

Please note the following:

  • You will need to log in to Google in order to take each part of the exam.
  • You may only take each part of the exam one time. Once you hit submit, you won’t be able to edit your responses.
  • You may take the exam parts in any order you wish.
  • You won’t see a final grade immediately, since part of your grade will be the short-answer questions, which must be individually reviewed and scored.
  • If you need to take a restroom break, you may only do so in between exam parts. Wait til you’ve finished your current exam part, submit it, and then ask for a pass before starting the next part.
  • You will need to keep this page open in order to go from one part to the next.
  • Policy on cheating:
    • During the exam you should only have two browser tabs open: one with this page, and one with your current exam part. No other tabs, including tabs with other exam parts, are allowed.
    • Your cell phone may not be visible at any time. If your cell phone is visible, even if you aren’t using it, you will be penalized.
    • You are not to look at your classmates’ computer screens at any time.
    • Penalties are as follows:
      • First infraction: Zero on the current exam part.
      • Second infraction: Zero on the entire exam.


Part I: The Renaissance and Reformation

Part II: The French Revolution

Part III: The Industrial Revolution

Part IV: World War I and the Beginning of World War II

Part V: Short Answer Responses

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