Global Studies

Homework List: Week of Jan. 30

If you missed class this week, make sure you’ve got all of the homework assignments. This week, you were given three assignments that will count in the gradebook. They are:

  • A map worksheet from Wednesday’s class(Due to copyright concerns, I won’t post this worksheet online, but you can get it from me in person or email me.)

  • On Thursday, you were given a choice board and allowed to choose your assignment. See the list of choices on the second page of Thursday’s agenda.

  • On Friday, your task was a one-page free-write. See the second page of Friday’s agenda for the prompt.

If you missed class due to an excused absence, hand in your work on Monday. If your absence was unexcused or you did not hand in the homework on time, you can still earn 90% credit if you turn it in Monday.

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