Senior Seminar

Deadlines and Reminders (Jan. 10, 2017)

Seniors, here’s a list of deadlines and reminders for this week. See me with any questions.

  • Jan. 11: A representative from Harrisburg University will be here during fourth period. We’ll meet in my room unless the crowd is too big, in which case we’ll move to the media center.
  • Jan. 20: Study Abroad Projects are due.
  • Jan. 20: Deadline to sign up for February 11 ACT testing date (available only if you pay the late fee). 
  • Jan. 21: SAT Test.
  • Jan. 25: Deadline to submit your list of five colleges and five scholarships to which you’ve applied. Remember, this task serves as your final exam for the marking period. You MUST hand in the sheet in order to get a grade.
  • Jan. 27: Bank of America Student Leaders Program applications due.
  • Jan. 31: South Jersey Credit Union scholarship applications due.

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