Global Studies

Chapter 6 Schedule

This week, we’ll start Chapter 6: The French Revolution. This chapter will include one quiz and one exam. Here’s an outline of the schedule for the next two weeks:

GLOBAL STUDIES Chapter Plan: French Revolution, Chapter 6

Wednesday, Nov. 30: Section 1, pages 210-215

Thursday, Dec. 1: Section 2, pages 216-221

Friday, Dec. 2: Quiz on Sections 1 and 2; Current Event #4 Due

Monday, Dec. 5: Section 3, pages 223-228

Tuesday, Dec. 6: Geography Lesson (3rd, 5th) / Exposure (9th)

Wednesday, Dec. 7: Section 4, pages 230-238

Thursday, Dec. 8: Chapter 6 Review Day

Friday, Dec. 9: Chapter 6 Exam

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