Global Studies

Current Events: Article Ideas

Your third Current Events homework is due on Friday, Nov. 18.

Remember, the article should be about a news event that happened outside of the United States, and happened sometime in the month of November. (If you need a copy of the worksheet or want to review the assignment, click here.)

If you haven’t yet found a story to write about, here are some topics and links that would be worthwhile:

New Zealand: Dozens of Aftershocks Follow Deadly Earthquake (CNN)

China: Hong Kong Court Bars 2 Pro-Independence Politicians from Office (New York Times)

India: More People Died Taking Selfies in India than Anywhere in the World, Study Says (Washington Post)

Cuba Pardons 787 Inmates After Pope’s Call for Mercy (BBC)

Children’s Hospital in Aleppo Hit as Airstrikes Continue (The Guardian)



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